german swedish Förryttargården
Experience the midnight sun close to the polar circle in a newly renovated traditional Norrbotten farm with all the old features lovingly preserved.

Welcome to Förryttargården. Stay in your own farmhouse (about 100 square meters) in typical Norrbotten-style and an atmosphere of the old days around you.

Newly-repaired, but with all the traditional interiors still preserved. Farm is beautifully situated by the E10 motorway between Luleå and Kiruna, 4 km from downtown Överkalix. Dairy farm.

Access to: Kitchen, WC, shower (modern standard)
Please: No smoking, No animals
Breakfast, bed linen and towels  (Bed & Breakfast) optionally

The house has four beds.
Route directions:

Road E 10. First exit to the right after the HEDENSBY signpost.


Elsa & Brynolf Henriksson

Phone: +46 926-104 47
Fax: +46 926-104 47
Mobile: +46 70-345 09 74

Things to do:
  • As the farm is situated beautifully about 100m from the untouched river Angesan it's possible to go swimming.
  • For those who want to get a view over the beautiful surroundings a trip to the top of Brannaberget is recommended. 
  • Linafallet and Jockfall are examples of two impressive waterfalls. The river below Jockfall is seen as one of the best places in Sweden for salmon fishing.
  • A visit at Martingarden, a well preserved farm from the beginning of the 17th century gives a good insight into local history.
  • At cultural centre Sirillius a Russian orthodox church and a gallery with beautiful icons can be seen.
  • The tractor museum with over 100 tractors and machines gives a good view of the technical development.
  • The Polar Circle (Arctic Circle) is situated 25km north and of course it's almost a mandatory visit.
  • On the journey further north in Sweden the Ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi shouldn't be missed.